Our Wedding Part 4: The Ceremony

Our dream was to commit our lives together in front of our family and friends somewhere in the woods and to make it an adventure. We were so happy when we found this beautiful amphitheater in the woods, a little over a year ago now, in Brown County State Park in Indiana. We already had ideas for the way we wanted it to look. Mason jars with wild flowers hanging from shepherds hooks, hand painted signs directing people down the path, and a beautiful sign hanging above us. It all came together so very beautifully. There were so many wonderful family members and friends who helped us decorate the day before and the day of. We are so incredibly grateful for them- It would not have been possible without them.

We had feared that it might rain on our wedding day, but that was the chance we wanted to take. The more we thought about it, the more we realized it would have been okay with us if it had rained during our vows... after all, it would have added to the adventure. Thankfully the day was incredibly beautiful. No rain in sight and it wasn't too warm.

We will always cherish the wonderful memories we made in these woods together. Today it seems like it was a dream. We still can't believe it happened... and boy, it sure has flown by!

Photos by  Christian Gideon

We designed the sign and had it made through our friend, Jayden McCarty. He really did a fantastic job. We love the sign and plan to hang it in our apartment soon. 

We hope you have been enjoying the glimpses into our wedding day. Keep looking out for more wedding posts. There will probably be at least two more. :)

Always Anchored,
Brady + Nicole