Our Wedding Part 3: The First Look

We wanted to take some time today to guide you along a little further into our day, to our first look specifically. Weddings can be hectic... there is a lot that goes into them, from keeping people on track to making sure things are getting done, to actually remembering what you are there for and why you're doing it. That's what the first look was for us- a chance to remember why we were getting married and a chance to come together before the ceremony to spend time with each other free of hassle or care. The first look was our first breath of fresh air on our big day, we were glad to settle some of the craziness before the ceremony.

All pictures taken by  Christian Gideon Photography .

All pictures taken by Christian Gideon Photography.

More fun wedding stuff to come! As well, be checking the blog weekly for more Holiday content coming soon. ;)

Always Anchored,
Brady + Nicole